A roadmap for Christian Mothers who want to provide a solid foundation for your child to live to their greatest God given potential.

Create a Vision, with a Set of Core Values and a Motherhood Mission Aligned with God's Will to Help Build God's Kingdom.


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Available Ash Wednesday February 17th, 2021

Recorded sessions allow you to watch them at your own leisure. Course participants will have a Facebook Group to share ideas and offer support.

The Course Starts In....


During The 10 Lessons You'll Discover How Mary Served God's Kingdom and How You Can Too When You

Uncover Your Royal Lineage & Sovereign Power

Tap into your birth right as a Child of God so you can believe in your worthiness for being capable and responsible as a Queen in your part of God's kingdom.

Create a Vision of Your Ideal Life and Establish God's Kingdom's Boundaries as Your Own

Determine your unique core values that align with God's will so you can have guideposts to help you with all your decisions.

Determine Your Position of Influence

Learn the most effective parenting strategies to so you can help your children feel confident, loved and responsible.

Establish the Laws of the Land and Rights of Individuals 

Learn how to provide your children tools to make their own good choices so they can develop their confidence and begin to integrate your values with their own. 

Create Powerful Allies in the Kingdom 

Discover the 3 most important things you need to develop strong, loving relationships with anyone so you can avoid power struggles, rejection, mistrust and anger.

 Create a Creed to Live By  

Implement a Motherhood Mission Statement so you can be an strong loving and effective parent and have fun along the way

Transform your parenting practices from doubt to peace, from fear to love, from despair to joy so that you can live confidently in your role as a mom and spiritually model to your family how to live to your fullest potential by building a strong foundation of God's Kingdom Within. 

Here's What You Get

$21 Includes 10 Live Online Training Sessions

BONUSES: Ebook- "What Would Mother Mary Do? Ways and Wisdom for Mothers on Loving Themselves." (Value $15)

Exclusive Facebook Community of like minded mothers to share ideas and support one another on your mission.

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